Hey smart people,
safety is stupidly simple.

Together we can make Campus Uilenstede a safe place to live. We already took several measures to ensure this. But a lot must still be done and of course, we can’t do it alone. We need your help! Read this page to see what we have already done, but, more importantly, to see what you can do to help.






As part of a safety campaign, several specific themes will be discussed throughout the year. In context of this, we will regularly organise special actions or events. Read all about it here.


Enjoying your life at Campus? Make sure everyone does”

It can be overwhelming sometimes: a new environment, new friends and a new study. There comes a moment you feel like you could use some help or you’ll notice that a friend needs a helping hand. Pay attention to each other! That way, we can make everyone comfortable at Campus Uilenstede.

Party time
A nice night out with your friends? Don’t go too crazy, act smartly for your own and other people’s safety. You can find useful tips here.

Contacts that help
There are nearby institutions and organisations that can answer questions and provide help when needed. All information has been collected and bundled on the Social Map for Uilenstede.

Here you can find all important contact addresses and other information that can be important as a resident of Campus Uilenstede. For medical and psychiatric help, social workers, youth care, addiction and more.


Putting safety into practice is actually really simple: all you have to do is simply do it. Below, you will find what you can do to keep yourself and your environment safe.


  • If you are lonely, have issues or need help, view the Social Map for all contact addresses of institutions that can help you.
  • On your way home always take a well lit route, preferably monitored by cameras.
  • Know what to do in case of emergency, useful info for international students. Read more!
  • Current neighbourhood information by the Uilenstede police. Read more!


  • Lock your front door securely.
  • Check whether you really locked the door behind you.
  • Don’t let strangers in with you. Always ask whether they live in the building or whom they’re visiting.
  • When organising a party, make sure you know your guests. Don’t allow unwanted guests inside the building.


  • Regularly check the batteries of the smoke detector (for example, every first Monday of the month, when the air raid alarms are tested). Read more!
  • Do you want a free safety inspection of your room as well as advice? Request it by calling 020-555 6000 or at samenbrandveilig@brandweeraa.nl
  • Interested in a free smoke detector? Read more!
  • Tips about Fire Safety? Read more!
  • Keep the escape routes clear. Read more!
  • Pan on fire? Know what to do. Read more!


Everyone prefers to live in a safe neighbourhood. Counting 3,400 residents, Campus Uilenstede is the largest student campus of Northern Europe. To ensure it remains a safe and pleasant place to live, VBU, DUWO, the municipality of Amstelveen, the fire department of Amsterdam Amstelland, the police and VU have joined forces and taken measures. Some of them have already been realised.

What we’ve already accomplished:

  • Camera surveillance in public spaces
  • Access to apartment building (high-rise 2) restricted through an intercom system
  • Removal of bridge to Arboretum lane
  • Clean-up of tunnel under Beneluxbaan
  • Two designated areas for portable barbecues have been replaced by permanent barbecues
  • Study of traffic speed in the vicinity and expansion of scooter parking
  • Countering growing numbers of abandoned bicycles


Together we accomplish more. To ensure the campus remains a safe and pleasant place to live, VBU, DUWO, the municipality of Amstelveen, the fire department of Amsterdam Amstelland, the police and VU have joined forces. Who are these partners and what do they do?

The VBU (Residents Association Uilenstede) represents the interests of the residents of Uilenstede. VBU consults with parties such as DUWO, the police, fire department and municipality to increase liveability at campus. Additionally, the VBU committee also regularly organises events and parties at campus.

DUWO is the student housing agency at Uilenstede. They also have rooms and houses for students, in Amsterdam, Amstelveen, Delft, The Hague, Deventer, Haarlem, Hoofddorp, Leiden and Wageningen.

The municipality of Amstelveen helps with everything regarding living quality in Uilenstede and contributes as a partner of the Safety Team to improvements in the public space to increase safety at Uilenstede Campus.

The fire department of Amsterdam-Amstelland is a vital link within the Safety Team. Their main goal is to increase fire safety awareness.

The police is our trusted partner in general safety at Campus Uilenstede. They’re always ready to intervene but prefer teaching you what you can do yourself to improve safety on campus.

The Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam is a dynamic and contemporary university. VU Amsterdam has a welcoming, centrally located city campus in Amsterdam’s Zuidas district. It is a place where people feel at home, meet each other and engage in new forms of collaboration. The same is true of Campus Uilenstede. To maintain these high standards, we’re happy to partake in this collaboration.


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